Ceramic Coating!

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What it is

The C9 coating cures transparent to heighten a beautiful lustrous finish that makes any color sparkle with a crystal clear, wet, and glossy shine. Finishes treated with Carbon Flex look like they were finished with expensive custom candy coating paint jobs. C9 Coating enhances the natural gloss and depth of paintwork so that it glistens and glows with a unique signature crystal candy sparkle. Carbon Flex C9 Protective Coating is the next evolution in car care coatings. The durable coating protects for up to 36 months.

What it does

  • Get hyperactive water beading 
  • Durable ceramic protection 
  • Stun with an intense crystalline ceramic hyper shine 
  • Add up to 3 years of durable protection.
  • Shine and protect glass, glossy painted wheels, chrome, headlights 
  • Shield against UV rays, the elements, industrial fallout, and more 
  • Add incredible depth and clarity to any color paint 

The Cost

Ceramic coating varies by car, paint condition, and preparation needed before coating. On vehicles that were purchased within 30 days the cost is $625.00. On older vehicles this depends on the extent of prep-work needed before application but we'll customize a quote for you and explain the exact process that will be performed before the coat is applied. 

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