Ceramic Coating!

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What it is

Ceramic coating formulated to deliver a crystal-like superior shine and incredible reflective finish, while still offering the similarity and customer familiarity of a wax only that it's not wax! By filling in microscopic surface imperfections, We create a super smooth surface that reflects light back at you with unparalleled shine like only a true ceramic can. We use this as a standalone ceramic coating on untreated paint for one year durable protection or 3 years with our service protection plan that includes hand washes and light re-conditioning as often as you like to maintain the "like new" finish!

What it does

  • Get hyperactive water beading 
  • Durable ceramic protection 
  • Stun with an intense crystalline ceramic hyper shine 
  • Add up to one year of durable protection or 3 years with our service plan 
  • Shine and protect glass, glossy painted wheels, chrome, headlights 
  • Shield against UV rays, the elements, industrial fallout, and more 
  • Add incredible depth and clarity to any color paint 

The Cost

Ceramic coating varies by car, paint condition, and preparation needed before coating. Vehicles with minor preparation needed usually start around $200 depending on the lengh of time you want the protection but we'll customize a quote for you and explain the exact process that will be performed before the coat is applied. If you like just fill out your information below and we'll reply back with a quote.